About the artist

Milena Gazibara is an artist from Belgrade, Serbia. She has been involved with painting on silk for more than 20 years.

During her career she had numerous significant exhibits troughout Yugoslavia. Milena Gazibara is distinguished by the unusual style, vivid colors and original motives.


About the technique

Milena Gazibara is one of the few artists who has ventured into the world of silk, rather than traditional canvas. Silk as a material poses a greater challenge for the artist; however, it yields an art form that is extremely rare and beautiful.

In her work Gazibara uses certi and watercolor techniques on 5,7, and 9 micron pongee satin silk. She is also constantly exploring different coloring and contouring techniques, that help keep her art fresh and exciting. This unusual art form and unique vision and inspiration set Gazibara far apart from other artists present in contemporary art.